The World’s #1 Instagram Growth Hack

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Growing your Instagram account in today’s world is a real b***h! You can try everything in the book and it just doesn’t seem to work. Engaging with large pages, dropping new content, shoutout for shoutout, follow for follow, follow/unfollow method, but none of it seems to work. Why?

Well the simple answer is that Instagram’s algorithm is getting more and more stingy, so as they change their algorithm we, the page owners, must adjust. It’s easy for Instagram to flag you for using follow/unfollow, it’s easy for them to flag you for using automation. But one thing they can’t stop you for is genuine engagement with pages that are similar to yours.

That is why we use Engagement groups!

When facing the current state of the big bad instagram algorithm, it is clear that being a part of an Influencer network is imperative to your growth. Essentially an influencer network is an instagram mastermind of individuals who are committed to two things. 1. Growing a massive following on Instagram. 2. Monetizing that following.

Here ́s how being part of an influencer network will benefit you:

– Finding shoutout for shoutout (collaboration) partners who are trustworthy and committed.

– Building relationships with Influencers and pages like yours.

– Staying in the loop about growth and monetization techniques using instagram.

– Learning how to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage 

– Exchanging knowledge and values with more and less experienced individuals within the group

– Participating in engagement rounds

The driving force of influencer networks are engagement groups. They can be the most significant difference maker from the very beginning of your instagram growth journey! Starting off in a great engagement group will ensure that your growth starts off on a high performing level and continues to do so!

What exactly are engagement groups? They are called engagement groups because everybody participating in these groups is willing to like and comment on each other ́s posts in exchange for their own posts getting liked and commented.

This results in more impressions and greater reach. In turn, more impressions and greater reach make the Instagram algorithm happy. This majorly increases the possibility that your post will hit the explore page, and that is where you see explosive growth!

 Be sure to follow @cashflowculture on Instagram for more education on how to grow your page!

How do engagement groups work?

Many engagement groups allow people to post whenever they want and engage all day. Now, this sounds like a luxury but it’s not. Better engagement groups have certain times (rounds) every day when everybody in this network who wants to participate drops their name into a group so the members can like and comment each other’s post. These are called engagement rounds.

Why are engagement rounds so effective? Engagement rounds help you to get more impressions , including: likes, comments, saves, shares and boost your whole engagement. This is very important in the first 30-60 mins of posting! This result will be that your account gets favored by Instagrams algorithm and will strongly increase the overall reach of your posts.

Free vs. paid engagement groups (EG)

Free Engagement Groups: First of all, it ́s hard to find free EGs on Instagram that work well and in which the members are committed, active and post at a specific time. Most of the time people just drop the link of their post after they ́ve posted in order to get likes and comments if it’s even a comments group. (that’s how it works usually.)

So, even though more likes in general is cool, The problem is, in most cases the liking and commenting process happens very randomly and it is very unlikely that you would receive the engagement back that you gave. This is typically very frustrating because you may put in a ton of work just to not get any results because other people are not as committed to growing their pages.

Paid Engagement Groups are different because they have rules and installed group bots which are there to monitor if everyone did their job of liking and commenting on each other posts and complete the round that they entered. That gives you the comfort because you know you are working with committed individuals who want the best for their page and yours. 

In addition most paid EGs run engagement rounds where all members who join the engagement round post at a specific time.

This is the biggest advantage of having this sort of engagement group because you ́ll benefit from the early engagement rule. The early engagement round rule says that the faster you get engagement in form of likes, comments, shares and saves on your posts after you posted the higher the possibility that Instagram’s algorithm favors you and puts your content on the explorer page.

Good content + early engagement = You get favored by the algorithm of Instagram = more reach/impressions = more visitors on your page = more followers.

It ́s very clear that EGs play a huge role in receiving early engagement on your post which is crucial to get attention on Instagram. I have used them to learn and build to my page to 10k+ (and counting) and have learned an incredible amount from networking as well. Hundreds of people inside of the Instagram Academy use them as well and are growing their page on a massive scale with the help of these strategies.

If you want more information on the Influencer network that I use do not hesitate to DM me @cashflowculture

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