This 1 Mental Tweak is a Game-Changer for Focus and Clarity

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What’s up guys? SO this is going to be a more informal post as something was presented to me while reading my current book called The Fearless Mind by Craig L. Manning. When I heard about this mental hack, I felt severely inclined to share it with all of my loyal followers!

Before I hop into the hack I want to let you guys in on what drove me to pick up this book. Currently my Real Estate Investing partner are working with a mentor who is walking us through her process of how she does 6-8 house flips every single year. Like any good mentor, she wanted to first make sure our heads were in the right place, so she gave us homework, which was to read The Fearless Mind. So that is what I am in the middle of! I have to say, I have read many books about mindset, but this one is really opening a lot of doors in my brain.

The Mindset Hack

So, today I came across a chapter called, Task vs. Ego Orientation (Pg. 39). The chapter explained that our behaviors are “rooted” in either one of two forms: task or ego.

Task: A Piece of work to be done or undertaken. A task oriented person would focus on what physically needs to be done.

Ego: Self-esteem or self importance. An Ego Oriented person would focus on how outcomes affect their self-worth.

What Manning went on to explain is that task-oriented people are more likely to be persistent at a task, work harder, and perform better under pressure. Whereas Ego-oriented people choose “extreme” objectives, have a weaker work ethic, and don’t perform as well under pressure.

In short, task orientation is known as performance orientation, and ego orientation is known as outcome orientation. For example, a task (or performance) oriented individual would say “I need to make 60% of my shots today” or “I need to play sound defense and follow the game plan”. Meanwhile an ego oriented person would say “I need to win today or else” or “If I don’t win we won’t make the playoffs”.

What Manning was saying was very profound to me here. It makes you realize how a simple mental tweak can go a long way. He talked more in depth about the tendencies that each orientation has:

Task oriented= Approach tendencies. They play to win because the competition is fun and enjoyable and they stay focused in the present. Whatever happened in the past is done and won’t change. It’s about accomplishing the task that is in the way right now to achieve a greater result.

Ego oriented=avoidance tendencies. They play to avoid embarrassment. They play to “not lose”. And act as if there is everything to lose and nothing to gain.

Unfortunately we are born and trained to have certain tendencies. For many of us, we are told to “do our best”, “go for first place”, or “try our hardest”. What we are not told is exactly how to get there or what tasks we need to do.

This made me think of great NFL families in which it seems like generation after generation, the child ends up playing in the NFL. Like the Mannings, Bosas, Watts, Longs, and other big football families. Do you think this greatness comes by coincidence? Not at all. From a young age these guys were taught exactly what to do in order to succeed on a football field and even financially how to take care of themselves. They followed a specific and detailed regimen.

Manning says that we are easily capable of shifting from task oriented to ego oriented and vice versa. If you do want to make the full time shift from ego oriented to task oriented he says that it just takes some time to develop good mental habits so that our thoughts do not betray us at critical moments.

If I could extend any advice from this (and this is advice that I am taking for myself) it would be to focus down and begin moving task by task. Whatever it is that you are trying to put your mind to, do not waste your energy by forcing empty results for yourself. This is how you find your wheels turning but not moving forward. Challenge yourself, create tasks, and attack them!

I hope this helped you as much as it helped me! if you want to learn a bit more in detail about this, I would highly recommend reading The Fearless Mind to help rid your fears and worries. Here is where I found it:

Thank you for reading and please look forward to more of my posts. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you can stay up on everything I am putting out :). I can’t wait to share more with you guys about things that I have learned. I am doing this all for anyone who reads this because you are my motivation!

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